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Monthly Reports and Newsletters for the National Heritage Lottery Fund

Our application for the National Heritage Lottery Fund grant was finally sent off on 17 February 2020. We now wait until the middle of June before we know the result.

Below are the links to the monthly reports created by Greg Weatherdon and the Project Steering Committee. The links have been added on a monthly basis starting from November 2018. The last report for the Round 1 application was December 2019.

Monthly Reports (Round 1)

Monthly reports 2019

Monthly reports 2018

Monthly Reports (Round 2)

Monthly reports 2020

Monthly reports 2021

Monthly reports 2022


Press Releases and Newsletters

Below are links to press releases or news of special interest

Press Release 4 November 2018

Invitation to the HLF Launch 22 February 2019

Press Release 28 July 2020

Church Survey Reports

Humphries & Jones Condition Report

First McNeilage wall painting report 2019

Updated McNeilage wall painting report 2022