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The Mummers Play in St Sylvester’s Church on 5 January 2020

What an amazing evening on Sunday when the Mummers led by Alison Odell gave us all such a brilliant fun time, lots of laughter, giving us a wonderful twelfth night entertainment.

The donations were £350.00 to boost the St Sylvester Restoration fund, we are most grateful for all your efforts.

Many thanks to everyone who provided delicious refreshments, Joss for the cider and Roger Odell for all the backup. It was a wonderful new venture in the Church, obviously enjoyed by everyone, please let’s continue in the future.

For full details of the programme: Mummers Play Twelfth Night Programme 2020.


“A great evening’s communion for the whole village to enjoy that shows the potential for future local events and celebrations. What the church is ideally suited for going forward.”

“A brilliant play last Sunday evening. It was wonderful to see such a mix of the local community giving us an amusing performance of an old traditional story. It is a wonderful way of using the church and helping to keep the local community functioning together as it should. Long may it be so.”

“The twelfth night festivities were the most delightful means of bringing Christmas to an end. The whole event was utterly delightful. The mummers’ play had me laughing tears. Thanks to all who made it possible and PLEASE PLEASE do it again next year.”