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Open Day 21 July from 12 – 4pm

The Open Day started with hand bell ringing. Throughout the day there were short guided tours of the Church; the Choir gave two concerts; here was an organ recital. A major attraction was bell ringing of the Church bells where children were taught the basics of the art.

The AONB organised bug hunting and bird watching, as well as toy spider making. The East Prawle History Society organised a rolling display of all the weddings of the local people between 1929 and 2013. There was a dressing up area using historical costumes and history quiz for the children relating to the life and times when the Church was built. There was a barbecue and sandwiches, cakes and tea and coffee were on sale.

The event was very well attended.



“Nice to learn about the Church and know it’s being looked after.”

“Lovely to have the Church more accessible to non-church goers.”

“Lovely really nice to open up the Church to something social.”

“Very relaxed beautiful day.”

“A good community feeling.”

“Very interesting. Pleased to learn the history behind the Church and fundraising towards it as well.”

“Lots of interesting things to do and seen a bat. The boys rang hand bells and played the organ – wonderful help from people here as well.”