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Events for the Church Repair Fund

Part of our commitment to the National Heritage Lottery Fund is to raise awareness of all aspects of the Church and its surroundings. The PCC (Parochial Church Council for St Sylvester’s) and the East Prawle History Society are, therefore, planning a variety of events for this purpose. For instance, it is enormously helpful that we are talking to the AONB, who will help us with it by organising and/or joining in a few events.

One area of the application to the National Lottery Heritage Fund is to produce an “Activity Plan”. We have therefore carried out several activities (some of which can be accessed from the bar on the left). This also involves writing a very detailed Activity Plan which must cover everything that we have done regarding an activity: what the subject is, how many volunteers, who is leading the activity, what is the success of the activity and therefore the prolonged sustainability, and more.

This is proving difficult and time consuming. However, we are working as hard as we can in the hopes that we will be successful in our Round 2 application to the Lottery for the rest of the funds we need for this stage of church repair and restoration work.