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Car Park

One of the exciting things we have been able to do in the Development Phase of our National Heritage Lottery grant is to build a car park. Chivelstone Church has always suffered from lack of parking, particularly for weddings and funerals.

Without a car park encouraging more visitors would have been very difficult. Therefore, in discussion with the National Heritage Lottery it was agreed that, because of the importance of having a viable car park at the Church, capital works could be carried out during the Development phase. This is unusual but essential.

As a result, the Wakehams of Chivelstone Barton agreed that we could use an area of their land directly opposite the Church as a car park. As a result, the size and access was agreed; drawings were prepared for planning and lease arrangements made.

On 14 February planning permission was granted and that very same weekend volunteers started building the car park. By the end of the weekend we had a car park, and by the end of the week it was finished!

Below is the car park on 22 August 2019 when the Ash Park Trio performed their concert – what a success. Other images are also below.

Ash Park Trio concert 22 August 2019