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Shipwreck Sailors Schools Pack

The project was based around shipwrecks during the Great Blizzard of 1891, and some of the sailors are buried in St Sylvester’s Churchyard. The Schools Pack was sent out to all schools with images, maps, tips for writing stories, references and articles from the time, and a film, with Mrs Perry, the Coastguard’s wife telling the beginning of the story. The children were then challenged to write the end of the story and submit their stories for judging with volunteers from the church group.

124 children wrote and sent in stories; the winners’ entries were made into another film telling the end of the story.

Below are the links to the documents and images for the Schools Pack.

Introduction Teachers’ notes Instructions and top tips The written story
News report on the Great Blizzard Managing Bereavement Film 1: The shipwrecked sailors of Start Point Extract Benjamin Donne map 1765