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Miss Caroline Langdon, headmistress of East Prawle School 1895-1930:

Caroline Langdon, school teacher, East Prawle 1895-1930

Postcard of Miss Caroline Langdon, school teacher, East Prawle, to Winnie Easterbrook “With best wishes for your future from C.C.L.”
Also supplied by Ashley Ford written to his mother, Ella Ford.

Caroline Langdon taught in Winnie Easterbrook’s time, also teaching Winnie to read music as well as play the piano. She lived in View Charmenté and rented from Ern Rendel. Miss Bessie Wotton and Mrs Ella Ford were helpers.

From the Woodleigh Deanery Magazine there are regular reports about Miss Langdon giving her annual school entertainment for the distribution of prizes for good attendance and progress. The greatest credit is due to the admirable way the children sang, acted and danced.

Another report in January 1902 ‘Miss Langdon is heartily congratulated on the very successful result of all the pains and time she has devoted to the welfare of Prawle School.’

Similar reports continued for many years.

One assistant’s record of service outlasted that of Miss Langdon. Bessie Wotton started in June 1907 and was still teaching when the first Log-book ended nearly forty years later. See the photograph of Bessie at back of the Church Choir (1924) on the General page of People.