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Winnie Easterbrook’s photograph of East Prawle school in 1920:

Front row from left:  Florrie Tabb, Lilian Arthurs, Dulcie Weymouth, Phoebe Elliott, May Putt (Penwell), Gracie Thornton, Winnie Tucker (Easterbrook), Lucy Stone, Winnie Putt, Eliza Putt
Middle row: Mona Cudd, Helen Arthurs, Unknown, Edith Trout (Logan), Gladys Putt (Logan), Felicia Putt (Logan), May Hannaford (Shepherd), Dorothy Putt, Doris Rogers
Back row: Ivy Gordon, Evelyn Logan, Lily Cole, Dorothy Partridge (Tripp), Ethel Pepperell, Chrissie Putt, Amelia Arthurs, Betty Trout, Marjory Putt

NB: Winnie Easterbrook 4th from right front row.