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Photograph from Gazette: Prawle school 1934:

Gazette: Prawle school 1934

The first photograph you have just clicked was donated by the Cookworthy Museum. This is the same photograph, but taken from the Gazette itself.

The article read:
East Prawle school was built in 1876, and this photograph shows the children there in 1934.
It was sent in by Dawn Trowbridge, whose family came from the village.
She has named the pupils as:

Back row from left: Dick Tabb, Roy Presley, Nancy Hannaford, Gwen Rundle, Alice Login, Nancy Putt, Vera Hannaford, Norman Partridge, Bob Partridge
Second row: Cora Trout, Nancy Login, Douglas Holland, Jean Trout, Gladys Weymouth, Christine Stone, Brenda Adams, Peggy Trout, Roy Partridge, Cherry Pike, Dennis Pike
Third row: Geoff Weymouth, Elsie Login, Margaret Login, Rita Rundle, Diane Adams, Alma Rundle, Barbara Partridge, Queenie Weymouth, Henry Wakeham
Front row: Ron Putt, Dennis Stone, Fred Partridge, Cyril Tabb, Wilf login, Betty Login, Millicent Wakeham, Doris Login