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Monthly Report for the Heritage Lottery Fund April 2022


St Sylvester’s Church Renovation and Community Project, Chivelstone Parish, Kingsbridge

With the repair works complete work during April covered the implementation of the Activity and Interpretation plans.

Tasks carried out in the Month
Project Administration
  • General project administration and record keeping was undertaken.
  • We continue to raise funds through events such as coffee mornings, lunches, Lottery activities, etc.
Heritage Works
  • As the physical repair works are complete we are now within the contract maintenance period where we will monitor the performance of the repairs and carry out a final review at final completion in just under a years time.
  • We have appointed a qualified plasterer to repair the damage to the internal plasterwork in the south east corner of the church around the organ and to the south porch, the repair work will take place in June.
  • The project website continues to be updated and we are still seeing a good level of hits.
  • We are working on the next instalment of the Church Blog.
Community Engagement/Activity Plan
  • The Creation of a Wildflower Garden took place in mid April , organised by the South Devon AONB contractor Park Life and attended by many local volunteers including children. Two areas of wildflowers have been created and will be looked after as part of our Management and Maintenance Plan.
  • The Morning/dawn chorus bird walk and Church breakfast took place later in April and was attended by 9 people who enjoyed the very informative walk and cooked breakfast in the church.
  • Our Wedding Dress weekend festival took place at the end of April. Over 30 wedding dresses from within the community were displayed around the Church and created much pleasure and memory to the many visitors. Over 100 people visited and we raised over £1000 for the church and £175 for Ukrainian refugees.
  • The Bug walk is the next activity planned for mid June.
  • The Interpretation towers and computer touchscreen have really impressed visitors and children love the inter action with the digital photos and information on the screen.
  • As the repair work and interpretation panels are now complete we are arranging for the Memory Trail information to be available in the church in conjunction with our project partner the Arts Society Kingsbridge.
  • The Evaluation Wash Up meeting with our adviser Christina Dixon is planned for early May.
Volunteer Time
  • Volunteer time this month was 193 hours (2200 hours in total) mainly working on the Activities, Interpretation, and Project Admin.