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Monthly Report for the Heritage Lottery Fund November 2019

St Sylvester’s Church Renovation and Community Project, Chivelstone Parish, Kingsbridge

  • Work during November concentrated on works costings, Faculty Application, the Community Activity Plan and the 2nd Round Application.
    Tasks carried out in the Month
    Project Administration
    • The Development Review took place on 6 November and we are working through the actions.
    • Completion of the R2 application continuing on the NHLF portal.
    • Project cashflow in line with expectations.
    • The draft of the Car Park lease is still with the Diocese Solicitor in Exeter although we are assured it is now classed urgent.
    • Le Page Architects are progressing with their development stage work and are now completing the following;
    • The Access Survey.
    • The Management and Maintenance Plan is being finalised ready for QS costings to be added.
    • The Security review has been classified as an insurance check for the Delivery Works and we are checking this out with the Church insurers.
    • The Faculty Application has now been forwarded to the Registrar of the Consistory Court pending forwarding to the Chancellor for approval.
    • The List B Application is with the DAC for approval.
    • Following the Development Review meeting a Design Review Document is being produced. This will be similar to a Design and Access Report (as used in planning).
    • The NHLF Project page on the History website continues to be updated.
    Community Engagement
    • Work continues at a pace in Community Engagement and progressing the development of the Activity Plan. Key developments have covered the following;
    • Following the Development Review meeting actions have been agreed to round off the Activity Plan, an additional day has also been agreed for Laura Hetherington to help.
    • Two sessions with the Kingsbridge Dementia Friendly Community have taken place and we are formalising ways to move the relationship forward.
    • Initial discussions taking place with the Outreach Support Worker for Kingsbridge and Saltstone Caring.
    • Further discussions on-going with Stokenham School.
    Slippage in the Month
    • Behind on the Access Audit but this should be corrected during December.
    Volunteer Time
    • Volunteer time this month equated to 167.5 hours mainly working on Community Activity Plan, Round 2 Application and Project Administration.