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Monthly Report for the Heritage Lottery Fund February 2019


St Sylvester’s Church Renovation and Community Project, Chivelstone Parish, Kingsbridge

February was a very busy month with the mobilising of the Community Engagement Consultant, appointment of the Consultant Architect, development of the Car Park and delivery of the Launch Event.

Tasks carried out in the Month
Project Administration
  • Monitoring Meeting due in February will now be held in March.
  • Further work carried out on developing a gap analysis profile for the Governance Review.
  • Project Bank Account working well.
  • Regarding the Car Park, the issue of the Manor Pound archaeological site was resolved with the County Council Archaeology Department and protection works agreed. Planning Permission was granted on the 14 Feb and we are progressing well with the car park development (with some 7 volunteers involved) and lease arrangements.
  • Now we have planning permission for the Car Park we can progress with the arrangements for installing the Brown Signs
  • Three Architects were invited for interview and based on best value for money we have appointed Le Page Architects as the project Consultant Architect. Even though the fees are still above budget we have reviewed other costs within the development phase and have identified sufficient savings from other cost items to meet the shortfall.
  • HLF Project Page on the History website updated.
  • Again slow progress on the Communications Plan this month due to distractions from other priority tasks.
Community Engagement
  • The contract with Christina Dixon Consulting was finalised and we are developing our Activity Plan ideas as follows:
  • We had an initial session with Christina Dixon and Hilary Bracegirdle on Friday 8 February. With Christina’s help we created a survey of questions to be given out at the Launch party on 22 February. There are several extra boxes needed and therefore we will key in the surveys in early March: This survey will continue to be given out until towards the end of July when we plan to have an Open Day on 21 July 2019.
  • Two Facebook pages have been set up for the East Prawle History Society and St Sylvester’s Church. A link will be put on the Facebook pages to the online survey.
  • The Launch Event was held on 22 Feb with nearly a 100 people attending, a great success for such a small parish. (see attached photographs)
  • Some photographs of the Launch Event have been added to the two Facebook pages as well as a larger number of photographs added to the East Prawle History Society:
  • An aerial drone video of the church was carried out by parish school boy Joe Johnson (14 years) and is available to view on the following link Drone Video.
Slippage in the Month
  • Development of the Communications Plan is still slightly behind as mentioned above.
  • Start up of some surveys slightly behind but will be started soon now the Architect on board.
Volunteer Time
  • Volunteer time this month equated to 266.5 hours mainly working on the Architect Consultant appointment, Community Activity Plan,  Launch Event, development of the Car Park and Project Administration.