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Monthly Report for the Heritage Lottery Fund December 2020


St Sylvester’s Church Renovation and Community Project, Chivelstone Parish, Kingsbridge

Work during December covered contract mobilisation by Westcountry Stonemasons (WCSM) arranging for water and telecoms connections, preparation of the church in readiness for contract site start and planning remote community activities.

Tasks carried out in the Month
Project Administration
  • Church Insurances are now in place through our Insurer EIG.
  • Progress Report No. 1 was submitted to NLHF to support the first grant payment application.
  • We submitted our first grant payment application to NLHF and have received the funds into our project bank account.
  • Following on from the submission of our first VAT reclaim application we have now received payment under the Listed Places of Worship Scheme.
  • We should be able to develop a more detailed project cashflow once we have received the detailed repair programme from WCSM.
  • We continue to receive offers of financial support usually following the issue of our Blog, which keeps the community up to date with progress. We are continuing with the virtual ‘Church Jigsaw’ whereby individuals donate for individual pieces to complete the picture.
Heritage Works
  • This month the Project Architect team have covered the following work;
    • Continuation of RIBA Stage 5 – construction phase
    • Finalisation of the CDM pre construction information pack .
    • WCSM have continued with their contract mobilisation ready for a start on the 4th Jan 2021
    • A site inspection by the Structural Engineer and Architect is planned for 4th January, to check the foundations of the South Porch in order to finalise work in that area.
  • The water supply to the church laid by Community Volunteers has been connected to the South West Water supply main.
  • The heater electrics exposed by the removal of the pews has now been safely placed into electrical conduit installed by Community Volunteers within the concrete floor.
  • The church electrics have been upgraded to 100 amp by Western Power Supply.
  • Community Volunteers have cleared the grass/soil covering the gravel to the south of the church in readiness for the erection of the low level church scaffold.
  • The BT  business broadband connection will be installed in early January.
  • The project website continues to be updated and we are seeing a good level of hits to the site.
Community Engagement/Activity Plan
  • The hardening of the Covid 19 restrictions are continuing to frustrate our Activity programme but we continue to be proactive in trying to implement as many of the planned activities around the church as possible or coming up with virtual alternatives
  • The 3rd and 4th instalments of the church ‘blog’ have been issued and we are still looking at setting up a You Tube Channel.
  • We are developing with our project partner AONB a jointly funded story telling video about the grave of the shipwrecked sailors from the Marana, which can be distributed to local schools to form the basis of a literacy project. We hope to do this in readiness for the anniversary of the shipwreck on 9th
Volunteer Time
  • Volunteer time this month was in the region of 90 hours mainly working on project admin and finances, pre contract works at the church and implementation of the Activity Plan.