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Robert Phillip Hutchings 1893 – 1930


Born: Torrings / Sullocks Farm, East Prawle, Chivelstone, South Devon, England

Twin brother to William Trible (Treble) Hutchings.

Little is known of where Robert Phillip and his brother were raised after their mother died when they were 8 years old. It is thought that he lived with his twin and sisters in the Coastguard Cottages until 1903 when they moved away.

In 1911 census, when he was 17, he was visiting the Gordon family (links to East Prawle) in Devonport. His occupation was stated as a student. This perhaps assumes he was academically bright as it would have been unusual for someone from a poor family being able to study at this time.

During WWI he was enlisted into the army into the Labour Corp as a private. It appears that at some time he may have been in the same Labour Corp (1564 Devon Regiment) as his twin brother. He was discharged from the army on the 5th April 1919 suffering from arthritis aggravated by his service with a 30% pension which continued until his death on the 27th September 1930 when he was 37.

The cause of death was an accident causing shock as the result of a fall at Bugford Quarry, Morchard Bishop, Devon. His body was found in the River Yeo the day after.

The Hutchings family continue to live in Morchard Bishop to this day.